LiveRätselevents „Teamclou Business“ offers a perfect solution for team building activities and demands.
    2 teams simultaneously play both of our Escape Rooms. They won’t be able to see or hear each other yet must find a way to cooperate and help each other solve the puzzles of both rooms. Hints from one room will be needed in the other and vice versa.
    Teamclou is developed by experts to build on team cooperation and celebrate achievements together. Will your team find out how to help the group in the other room and communicate hints you found in yours?

    Two teams with 2-6 players will play Teamclou Business. Our operator and a team coach will watch them progress through the puzzles.

    After debriefing the coach will reflect together with the teams. Our Escape Rooms with their diverse arrangement of problems and puzzles offer the perfect environment to try out and build on different forms of cooperation and solution-based action in a team. Irrespective of their company positions your personnel will find themselves playing new roles in their team.


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